Top 4 Colocation Providers of 2021

Find the best Colocation Services Software companies for your business. Cause if your agency hasn’t yet explored whether colocation is right for your business, but you should find it. Colocation service provides the power, cooling, building, bandwidth and physical security while the customer provides servers. This is where colocation services come in, where racks and cabinets are rented to you, allowing you to set up your own server hardware in the heart of a data center. There’s a growing required for third-party, on-premises data centers that enable organizations to reduce or eliminate expenses related to managing power, connectivity, space and cooling.

You need to ensure that the geographic siting works for you, by balancing a combination of network connectivity. One of the key benefits of colocation is that because the colocation facility handles things such as connectivity, power. If you read our reviewe you will decide which provider to use is far from easy. The good news is that there are a wide range of options. Because we carry out many hours of in-depth research and user testing, all so we can bring you the very best recommendations. I’ve reviewed 5 of the best colocation providers below.


  1. Equinix

Equinix is global giant for connectivity. Equinix is global giant for connectivity. Equinix provider offers 2,500+ network connections and an industry-leading uptime of over 99.9999%.  Equinix offers an estimated 22.2 million square feet of data center space. Equinix has one of the largest global distributions, with more than 200 data centers in 58 markets and 27 countries on 5 continents. The global footprint of Platform Equinix spans more than 220 IBX data centers across 63 metros. By way of selection, Equinix has loads. Equinix connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most interconnected data centers. It also claims to extend availability of the DCIM software in all Equinix IBX data center facilities across the world in the future. Equinix is where companies come together to realize new opportunities and accelerate their business, IT and cloud strategies.


  1. Cyxtera

Cyxtera is a powerful network across America and community. Cyxtera boasts over 60 information facilities throughout 4 continents, with the spine of these being unfold throughout the US. Cyxtera operates 2.9 million square feet of data center floor space with a 250-megawatt capacity. Cyxtera gives loads, as you’d anticipate from a giant firm. Cyxtera’s SLA offers a 100% power uptime guarantee. The company’s colocations offerings include secure cabinet, secure cage, structured cabling, and support. It provides multiple levels of support and specifications according to individual business needs.


  1. Tierpoint

Tierpoint is one of the major providers, with over 50 data centers throughout the US. Tierpoint gives a normal vary of choices that imply it needs to be simple to accommodate and help you. There are lots of choices for colocating out there, as is likely to be anticipated. Tierpoint offers a standard range of options that mean it should be easy to accommodate and support you.


  1. Data Foundry

Data Foundry is a major player in Texas, owning a handful of data centers across Austin and Houston. The one caveat is to keep watch over contract lengths, as you might need to keep away from signing multi-year commitments for those who discover your IT wants change throughout the contract interval. Utilizing carrier-neutral knowledge facilities signifies that whichever US states your prospects are in, you must be capable to attain them with minimal lag or latency.