Best Month-to-Month Billing Web Hosting Services Provider in 2021

Web hosting services provide the foundation for your website. Picking a good hosting provider help your website speed, support and security. For website owners, a month-to-month web hosting plan is a great plan. Why some people are choosing monthly billed web hosting plans? The major trade offs of choosing a monthly hosting plan, are that it’s affords you the flexibility to cancel your web hosting at anytime. They offer monthly hosting packages, you will pay over the top for the convenience and freedom of being able to go month-to-month. But it’s something of a challenge to find true monthly web hosting plans that actually allow you to pay for your web hosting services on a month-to-month basis.

Month to month web hosting is easy, you pay month by months without pre paying for full year as most hosting do. While monthly plans might be more expensive over the longer term, they are easy to get started with. Month to month web hosting allows site owners to pay monthly and there’s no need for a long-term commitment. With month-to-month web hosting plan, you can benefit from 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime, unlimited disc space and bandwidth. Here’s our regularly updated list of the best month-to-month hosting plans out there today. The month-to-month hosting providers on this list are all widely respected within the industry and known for providing reliable services and friendly customer support.

We aim to provide a high-quality and cheap Month to month web hosting service with the best customer support ever! All of the options in this guide are Month to month web hosting plans, which will always be the most cost-effective way to host your website, regardless of the provider you choose. Explore our expert reviews and see what we are saying to find the best Month to month web hosting option for you. You’ll get a detailed explanation of the 4 best Month to month web hosting providers in this blog.

1. Dreamhost— Starting at $4.95 (month-to-month contract)

Dreamhost is one of the most recognisable hosting brands in the world today. So, my pick for the best monthly hosting plan is Dreamhost’s Shared Starter Plan. DreamHost has been in business for more than 20 years. DreamHost is a budget hosting company that currently hosts over 1.5 million websites. DreamHost offers month-to-month web hosting plans starting less than $5 per month. The best thing about month to month billing is that you are not committed to DreamHost.

2. HostGator — Starting at $6.02 (month-to-month contract)

HostGator is one of the oldest hosting companies around with over 8 millions domains. HostGator is one of the best-known hosting providers, and for many it’s the perfect compromise between price and performance. This service is known for providing powerful features at affordable prices. One great benefit of HostGator: Their month-to-month rates are exactly the same as the 3-month contracts and 6-month contracts. HostGator’s month-to-month shared hosting costs $6.02 a month. Their impressive 24/7/365 phone, live chat and email support available to all customers running into tech hurdles.

3. A2 Hosting — Starting at $8.99 (month-to-month contract)

Of the lowest-cost monthly billed web hosting plans on the market today, A2 Hosting comes in my list. Because A2 gives a discounted rate off of the first month of the month-to-month contract. A2 Hosting offers three pricing plans for its WordPress hosting packages. A2 Hosting Month to month web hosting plan stands out from its competitors with its impressive benefits and high-quality solutions. A2 Hosting is an independently owned hosting company that provides a personal touch. That ​is impressive monthly billed hosting provider with many free options, such as free backups, free SSL certificates, 99.9% uptime commitment.

4. Hostinger — Starting at $9.99 (month-to-month contract)

If you’re looking for the cheapest month-to-month Hostinger plan, then Hostinger is your right choice. Hostinger offers affordable web hosting with month-to-month contracts. This web hosting provider started in 2011 and is well known for its cheap shared hosting plans. The month-to-month pricing for the Premium Plan, which is what we looked at, is $14.99 plus a $9.99 setup fee. Hostinger offering a range of hosting options, including shared, cloud, and VPS hosting. Hostinger offers a range of discount prices.