3 E-commerce Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

In today’s online world, user expectations are higher than ever. E-commerce sales accounted for almost 15 percent of total retail sales global in 2019. That’s why e-commerce industry is continuously growing every year. Having long been a growing space, the profitability of eCommerce continues to explode. By 2022, e-retail revenues will grow to $6.54 trillion, up from $3.53 trillion in 2019. We live in a time when technology marketing moves fast and consumer interests and behaviors are hard to predict. It has evolved to meet the changing needs of people, and to make online shopping easier for the modern day customer.

A great e-commerce site search can guide customers to relevant products quickly and efficiently. This in-depth analysis gives you an overview of each trend and practical steps you can take right now to future-proof your business. To take your ecommerce business to the next level in 2021, make sure to take advantage of these emerging trends in the ecommerce industry. Every year, several new trends come up that can help your business grow and outdo your competitors – 2021 is no different. In this article, we’ll discuss 3 e-commerce trends for every e-commerce site, that you can’t ignore in 2021.

1. Video Marketing

In today’s digital age, consumers are watching more and more videos. Video has the power to engage and hold the attention of your customers. Video marketing is one of, if not the, most important marketing trend today and likely for the next 5-10 years. There are plenty of ways to drive higher engagement with your video marketing, as you can make a video post or start a live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Studies show that 70 per cent of consumers say their video has improved their conversion rate.

2. Evolving Role of Social Media in Ecommerce

Social media is playing a significant role in the world of ecommerce. Social media are a new and hip way of engaging with your customers. Social media marketing has the potential to build a dedicated community of customers and clients. Organizations should be willing to devote more resources to social media marketing in 2021. A good social media marketer can develop a content plan, create regular posts, monitor and drive customer feedback and attract new business. As social media continues to become a regular part of our daily lives, its power to influence ecommerce trends will only increase.

3. Increased Voice & Visual Search

Voice search & visual search can give you an enormous competitive advantage. The higher use of voice search through Google search engine has made it crucial for businesses to follow this trend in 2021. Voice search has been causing waves, changing the way search engine optimization works. Voice-activated technology is improving all the time and tools like Google and Alexa are making fewer errors. Voice search & visual search is growing rapidly, thanks to the popularity of digital assistants. Using visual search can give marketers an edge over competitors, given that there are over 600 million visual searches on Pinterest each month.